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Daryl Copley CSCS, USAW  :Strength and Conditioning Specialist,  Sport Performance Coach. Joe Posey:   Kinesiology  Athlete Developer

Daryl Copley CSCS, USAW :Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sport Performance Coach. Joe Posey: Kinesiology Athlete Developer

Sports Performance Training is an approach to training that helps athletes achieve their desired performance goals. It is designed to improve your fitness level for the purpose of improving your ability to perform a given sport. It includes corrective and restorative exercise, strength training, conditioning and cardiovascular training, sports specific techniques and drills, nutritional advice, mental and psychological training, and constant and consistent accountability and monitoring by a qualified trainer.

Athletes have goals of enhancing strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, reaction, and more to improve abilities in their respective sport of choice. General fitness training can involve the same movements that athletes require, but Sports Performance Training is more specific to the demands of that particular sport. SPT programs are designed in a year round fashion, built around the seasons of an athlete. 

Daryl Copley CSCS, USAW  Strength and Conditioning Specialist Sport Performance Coach
Daryl Copley CSCS, USAW

  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Sport Performance Coach

Daryl provides over ten years of experience in the sports performance industry. He has had the pleasure of working with a multitude of athletes including youth, collegiate, and professionals across a variety of sports. He also enjoys working with athletes that are looking to return to competition following an injury.
Daryl played varsity soccer for Defiance College in Defiance, Ohio where he earned his bachelor’s degree.  He has also coached high school soccer in Northern Virginia.

Daryl is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and also holds a sport performance coaching certification through USA Weightlifting. Most recently coach Copley has been certified through Sportsmetrics, an organization that focuses on preventing ACL injuries. 

Coach Copley is committed to advancing sports performance through proper movement patterns and athlete education.  “All good movement starts with a base of strength and body control.” 

Joe Posey  Kinesiology Athlete DeveloperJoe Posey

  • Kinesiology
  • Athlete Developer

As the newest member of the NSMI team, Joe brings with him a ton of experience as a former athlete and as athlete developer.  He attended James Madison University where he earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in exercise science.  During his tenure at James Madison, Joe was also a member of the Men’s basketball team. After graduating from JMU, he pursued a career in professional basketball. In the span of his 4-year career he spent time in South America and Canada as well as summer training camp stints with the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers. It was in his time with the Blazers where he began to think about life after basketball and rekindle the fire of sports training. Under the training and tutelage of Bobby Medina (former 20 year NBA strength and conditioning coach, and current Assistant Athletic Director at Santa Clara University) coach Posey was able to learn methods that had been proven over the years as well as introduced to newer, safer and more efficient ways to improve athletes.

In the summer of 2012 and again in the summer of 2013 he was able to take advantage of another great opportunity. He packed his bags and traveled from Virginia to Portland Oregon to train at Nike.  Upon arriving he was then introduced to Patrick Ward (former sports performance trainer at Nike and current Sports Scientist for the Seattle Seahawks) as well as Keith D’ Amelio (current Nike performance specialists and former Strength & Conditioning coach for Stanford University as well as the Toronto Raptors) where he studied and learned some of the latest and most innovative methods of improving athletes at the most elite levels and even had a chance to work with multiple athletes from the NBA and the NFL on a daily basis.

When he is not training Joe enjoys spending his time with his children and spending family time, mentoring youth, as well as coaching & playing basketball33